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Manure Handling for Poultry Farming

Manure Removal in A-Frame Cage Systems

A Frame Systems: The Mark II A-Frame Layer Cage System (internal link) and Mark II A-Frame Rearing Cage System (internal link) can either have manual manure removal or manure handling can be automated using a pit scraper system. The pit scraper is manufactured using heavy duty materials and hot dip galvanised to prevent corrosion due to ammonia in the manure. A heavy duty drive and tail unit drives the 8mm cable.

Manure Removal in Vertical Layer Cage Systems

In both the Vertical Layer Cage System (internal link) and Layer Breeder Battery Cage System (internal link), polypropylene belting is used to transport manure smoothly to the row ends, depositing onto interlocked cross and incline conveyors.

Manure Removal in Vertical Rearing Cage Systems

In the Vertical Grower Cage System, Vertical Brooder Cage System and Full Term System (all internal links), manure is transported to the row ends using polypropylene belting. The belting deposits into either a 200mm or 300mm trough, depending on the cage system type. This is then augured out of the building onto an incline conveyor for easy loading. The auger trough has a tapered fall for ease of cleaning.

Replacement Parts for Manure Handling Systems

Dynamic Automation can supply replacement parts and routine maintenance for all elements of manure handling systems, even if they were not originally manufactured in house. This includes polypropylene manure belting.

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