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Feeding systems

Automatic Pan Feeding

LANDMECO'S unique Pan Feeding System is designed as simply and functionally as possible in order to ease the work of the poultry producer. The most unique features are the two patented functionalities.
  1. Kick-off Centrally controlled overfilling of pans at the same time, ensuring the best start for the day-old chicks and
  2. Easy-Clean.
The system also provides the possibility of bringing all the pans on the feed line into cleaning position by one single operation (central rotation of the pipe) which simultaneously closes all outlets. Read more here.


Manual Feeding Systems

PVC Tube Feeder: - suspended by nylon cord and is easily adjusted to correct feeding heights.

Recommended number of birds per feeder (20 kg), 80 – 100 birds.

Replacement parts for the Tube Feeder with assembly instructions are also available for your convenience.

Plastic chick trays: -
Recommended number of chicks per tray, 80 – 100 chicks

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