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Drinking Technology for Broilers

Do you know? More than 1 billion birds drink from a Lubing drinking system on a daily basis.

It is essential that fresh water is available to the broiler flock at all times and that it is free of contamination. The drinking systems chosen must be capable of delivering the water efficiently to all birds with the minimum spillage ensuring that the flock receives sufficient water each day. The ratio of water to feed consumed, should be monitored.

Lubing's drinking systems for broilers offer the most effective and precise water delivery required to satisfy the needs of birds of all ages. The FeatherSoft nipple design incorporates cutting edge technology that is a result of more than 60 years of experience. FeatherSoft nipples offer precision movements that allow easy triggering from any angle for fast starts and optimum water flow at every age.

The multi-stage metering pin allows water flow to increase continuously during grow-out resulting in peak performance from start to finish. This nipple design reflects the high quality and cutting edge craftsmanship of a company that is in the forefront of water delivery technology.

With more than 60 years experience and 400,000,000 nipples sold worldwide, Lubing clearly stands as a world leader in poultry drinking technology.

Manual Drinking Systems

Dynamic Automation also supplies the following manual systems:

  • Automatic Bell drinker
  • 10 Litre manual fount
  • 4 Litre Manual chick fount

Tech Talk

Number of Birds per Nipple Nipples per 3m Section - Standard
 * 10 nipples per 3 m Section 10-12 - FeatherSoft Advantage
 * 12 nipples per 3 m Section 14-17 - FeatherSoft Hi-Flow
 * 15 nipples per 3 m Section

Max. Recommended system length, 80m per Regulator
Water Pressure Requirement, 80m length
Pressure Regulator: min. 20 psi (1.380 bars), max. 45 psi (3.103 bars)

Below is a PDF download of our floor water system with more detail on the components and the operation.

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