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Ventilation for Poultry Houses

Proud Distributors of SKOV Ventilation Systems in Southern Africa 

Fully environmentally controlled ventilation:

The primary goals of effective poultry house ventilation are to remove excess heat and moisture and provide oxygen while removing harmful gases, thus maintaining air quality in the house. When house ventilation is set up incorrectly, the systems can struggle to achieve the primary goals and the performance and health status of the birds will suffer. A number of factors should be taken into account before designing the ventilation system, namely:
  • Stocking density (Number of rows and tiers)
  • Bird weights
  • Type of construction and insulation
  • Length and width of the building
  • Maximum and minimum temperatures
  • Humidity percentage
There are a number of different ways to achieve your ventilation goals and Dynamic Automation, through years of experience, can assist in the most efficient and cost effective design to suit your particular area and house layout. The two common methods are tunnel or cross ventilation. Contact us for expert advice that might maximise your production results.

Semi environmentally controlled ventilation:

In certain areas, it is possible to use natural ventilation for a few months of the year, saving on energy costs. This can be achieved by constructing the house in such a way that it can be sealed to maximise fully environmentally controlled ventilation. The curtains are manually opened in order to use natural ventilation during suitable climatic conditions. This has proved successful in specific circumstances.

Natural ventilation:

Still largely used in parts of southern Africa where conditions suit this type of ventilation or in areas where electricity supply is non-existent, unstable or expensive. Excellent results are achieved and is very cost efficient.

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