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Gas Heating Options

Global Gas Brooders

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The design of the Global heater is a result, and so a combination of, the benefits of the ceramic heater (all heat is spotting down) and the AP heater (for their wide regulatory range). The spherical gas burner emits infrared rays onto an even round surface. The combination with a round reflector creates evenly radiated heat and uniform heat spread onto the brooding area.

The large spherical gas burner includes a small spherical gas burner operating as a distribution plate. This combust dust and carbon without leaving any residue in the small gas burner. This is important if the Global gas heater is operating without an air filter. In case the environment is extremely dusty we recommend the use of the optional air filter.  

The Global Brooder is equipped with a safety device and thermocouple. A thermostatic valve in combination with a sensor of 1.25 meters is available.

The  advantages of the Global are:
  • Two spherical gas burners of special heat resistant stainless steel
  • No air filter needed (available on request)
  • Stainless steel reflector
  • Stainless steel venturi pipe
  • Spherical gas burner directs heat downwards
  • An individual capillary thermostatic valve, registering temperature on floor level
  • It localizes the heat on the ground
  • No electricity needed
  • Uniform temperature, without drastic variations
  • Compact design
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Alke Radiant Heaters

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Alke radiant heaters type AP/AA are famous all over the world for their excellent performance and high quality materials. The gas heaters are equipped with a cylindrical burner housing. There are 3 (three) models available. The AP-1 and AP-3 are mainly used in the pig industry. The model AP-2 is mainly used in the poultry industry. The brooders are equipped with Stainless steel dust filter and a safety device in combination with thermocouple.

Advantages of AP/AA gas heaters:

  • Immediate experience of radiant heat
  • Temperature raise within seconds
  • Almost soundless and no air movement
  • Wide operating range in gas pressure and capacity
  • Stainless steel construction
The Alke gas heaters type AP/AA are equipped with:
  • Cylindrical burner house, made of high quality heat resistant steel
  • Stainless steel reflector
  • Stainless steel dust filter
  • Stainless steel venturi pipe
  • Thermo-electric safety device with thermocouple

Ceramic Gas Heaters

Alke started the production of the ceramic gas heaters in 1974. After more than 35+ years this gas heater is still in production. The worldwide success of this heater is due to its economical, efficient and reliable concept.  Alke ceramic radiant gas heaters type 21/41/68/81/101 are equipped with ceramic burner plates. The entire production process of these ceramics take place in the Alke factory in Scherpenzeel, The Netherlands.

All components are available separately for all brooders depending on stock availability.

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Benefit's of the Alke ceramic gas heaters

  • Direct radiation of radiant heat
  • Temperature raised within seconds
  • Almost silent and minimal air movement
  • More than 35+ years of development and production
  • Dynamic Automation is your local sole agent in Southern Africa

The gas heaters type 21 / 41 / 68 / 81 / 101 SKTE are equipped with:
  • Cast iron burner house with ceramic burner plate
  • Suspension hook
  • Stainless steel heat resistant wire mesh
  • Enameled reflector
  • Stainless steel air filter
  • Safety device with thermocouple



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Alke Global Heaters
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Alke Ceramic Heaters



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