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Broiler Floor-Water Drinker Systems

The floor-watering system consists of the following elements:


The water should be of drinking quality. It is absolutely necessary to filter the water. Water is supplied via the header tank or via a pressure regulator with integrated flush facility. Both versions are available for the end connection or the middle connection.


The drinking lines are supplied in assembled elements of 3m length. These elements are then coupled together through the length of the house.


A revolving breather unit is installed at the end of the drinking line for ventilation and flush.


The suspension of the drinking lines is supplied via hangers which are clipped on the galvanized pipe every 3m. These hangers are connected with the plastic rope via ceiling pulleys with the central hoisting cable. The drinking line can be adjusted to the required height by the winches, or it can also be winched up easily to the ceiling for emptying and cleaning.

Standard broiler drinker systems start with a lever tap for isolating individual lines. From here the water flows through a hose into the PRESSURE REGULATOR where the pressure can be set accurately to ensure perfect flow rates. At the other end of the line the FLUSH BREATHER indicates that the line has sufficient water at the correct pressure setting. The 3m lengths of square PVC pipe is fitted with nipples at space settings (10 nipples per 3m) (12 nipples per 3m) and (15 nipples per 3m). The system has evolved over many years but remains true to the original idea. The latest nipple, the TOP NIPPLE, has become the industry standard whether it be in entirely stainless steel form or the plastic bodied version.

The TOP NIPPLE is made from just 3 elements: the body, the top pin and the bottom pin.

TOP COMBI NIPPLE, the contact points are complete stainless steel. You will not find neoprene washers that perish or ball bearings prone to blockages in nipples. All nipples are also available with reduced flow. Each nipple is fitted with a plastic red cup called a snap-on DRIP CUP. The DRIP CUP hangs just under the nipple to catch any water spillage preventing wet litter.

As the birds grow they drink by pushing or just touching the pin vertically or horizontally with their beak, thereby increasing the flow rate. By managing the height by using your WINCH to lower and raise the water line the broiler grower can achieve a perfect flow for his birds.
















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